With almost three decades as a professional artist and 36 solo exhibitions held in galleries across Australia, Gemma Lynch-Memory's work has always captured the attention of art patrons and collectors alike. Her practice engages a unique blend of segregated colour chords, thick impasto oil paint and finely detailed mark-making. Much of her work is inspired by the emotive capacity of natural elements, and she oscillates between abstract landscape
works and pure organic abstraction.

Her compositional ability, particularly with large-scale works, outlines her dedication to her craft and the years spent distilling processes down to the most affecting components. Perhaps her work's most compelling quality is its ability to resonate deeply with the viewer. Of the many virtues contended about what makes great art, this capability is the most unquantifiable, elusive, and desired. It occurs when artistic skill intersects with authentic creative vision, and Lynch-Memory's work finely balances aesthetic and emotive elements to create pieces that achieve just that.

Gemma Lynch-Memory - A Retrospective 2000-2010


Inside Gemma’s studio is a quiet reverence broken only by the sound of the careful application to her creative process. Spanning over two and a half decades and 33 solo exhibitions, it’s a process as introspective and individual as the artist herself.

Her actions are purposeful and convey a sense of urgency as she seeks to capture the essence of ephemeral inspiration. There is a constant referencing to an open journal of sketched ideas and musings that form the seeds of creative conception. But it is only during the actual application of paint on canvas that her subconscious concepts emerge and bloom.

Several pieces are worked on simultaneously so as to best manage the various stages of drying and curing paints. Warm, luminous liquid varnishes are honey-poured over surfaces to create mirror-like finishes. The studio atmosphere is occasionally disturbed by the sound of a powered sander or dremel drill as they’re used to create fine abstract marks and details.

As each work nears completion, they are moved to her studio gallery to “let rest” before any final fine-tuning is made and the painting can be considered complete. From initial canvas priming to the signing of the work, the entire process absorbs several months.

All of the works featured in this retrospective collection of works created by the artist between the years of 2000 and 2010 features her trademark colour chords and expressive horizons. The works are large, bold and confident such is her facility to produce works at considerable scale.

Her RMB Series work (Roadside Mail Box) is reminiscent of a drive-by snapshot of the quintessential country letter box. Painted with pallet knife in thick impasto chunks, the letter boxes stand boldly within the stark landscape. The “Water and River” series has deep brooding rivers stretching along dense tree-lined riverbanks as they make their way to the coast. The “Muddy Waterholes” glisten with the offering of a cool oasis in harsh red brown lands and her “Waterlilies” and “Wildflower” works have proven irresistible to the buying public.

During this decade the artist held several exhibitions with leading galleries in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. It proved to be an incredibly rich and fertile time for the artist’s creative output with many of the exhibitions selling -out. This public demand for the work solidified her large following with art collectors across Australia.

In 2007, Lynch-Memory also completed her much acclaimed ‘emily:explorer’ series in honour of Australia’s first female explorer, Emily Creaghe. Lynch-Memory became the first person to retrace Emily Creaghe’s 1883 journey through central Australia as research for the national touring exhibition inspired by this little known Australian woman. The artist was supported in this endeavour by Australian Geographic and the ABC’s 7:30 report.

Gemma Lynch-Memory’s work from this decade is a unique insight into the importance of our sense of place and the land. Her work portrays an almost spiritual sense of balance, where horizon lines connect heaven and earth and gestural notions of rural iconograhy connect our country hearts to our city lives.

This retrospective collection serves to give us a better appreciation and understanding of the consistency and dedication the artist has shown throughout her career. For any artist to define such a unique style and perspective within the landscape abstraction genre speaks to her authenticity and process and Australian art is much the richer for her contribution.

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About Gemma Lynch-Memory

Gemma Lynch-Memory CV

Artist Biography

Education/ Travel
1970 - Born Bathurst, NSW
1992 - Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting Major) University of New England
1994 - Master of Art Admin - University of New South Wales
1995/6 - Travelled to Africa, Egypt, U.K., Europe, U.S.A.,

Solo Exhibitions
1996 - 'Testimony' ARDT Gallery - Sydney
1997 - 'Postcards' Lyall Burton Gallery - Melbourne
1998 - 'Search for Meaning' Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery - Sydney
1998 - 'Journey' Greenaway Gallery - Melbourne
1999 - 'Duality' Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery - Sydney
2000 - 'Little Kingdom' Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery - Sydney
2001 - 'Waiting for Rain' Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery - Sydney
2002 - 'Earthworks' Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery - Sydney
2002 - 'Urban Paddocks' Chifley Plaza - Sydney
2003 - 'Brand New Day' Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery - Sydney
2003 - 'Daylight' Chifley Plaza - Sydney
2004 - 'Under a Sunlit Sky' - Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery - Sydney
2004 - 'East to West' - Gullotti Gallery - Perth
2005 - 'Travelling Without Moving' Gullotti Galleries - Perth
2005 - 'Landmarks' Libby Edwards Galleries - Melbourne
2006 - 'Terra Firma' Libby Edwards Galleries - Sydney
2006 - 'Incandescent' Libby Edwards Galleries - Brisbane
2006 - 'Off The Map' Paul Gullotti Galleries - Perth
2007 - 'New Landscapes' Libby Edwards Galleries - Melbourne
2009 - 'New Works' Cudgegong Regional Gallery - Gulgong
2009 - 'Big Country' Yarra Ranges Arts Centre - Yarra Valley
2009 - 'Big Country' Chifley Tower Gallery - Sydney
2009 - 'Big Country' Cooper Gallery - Noosa
2010 - 'Big Country' Gadfly Gallery - Perth
2010 - 'Big Country' Collins St Gallery - Melbourne
2011 - '40 Degrees South’ - The Artison Airport Gallery - Hobart
2011 - 'Recent Works' - The Artison Airport Gallery - Hobart
2012 - 'This Land' - The Artison Airport Gallery - Hobart
2013 - 'Fleur' - Traffic Jam Galleries - Sydney
2014 - 'Road Less Travelled' Traffic Jam Galleries - Sydney
2018 - 'Maps of Meaning' Traffic Jam Galleries - Sydney
2021 - 'Resonate' Traffic Jam Galleries - Sydney
2021 - 'Continuum' TAG Gallery - Hobart
2022 - 'Islander' TAG Gallery - Hobart
2023 - 'Adrift' TAG Gallery - Hobart

'emily:explorer' National Touring Exhibition
2007 - 'emily:explorer' National Touring Exhibition - Sydney
2008 - 'emily:explorer' National Touring Exhibition - Perth
2008 - 'emily:explorer' National Touring Exhibition - Brisbane
2008 - 'emily:explorer' National Touring Exhibition - Melbourne
2009 - 'emily:explorer' National Touring Exhibition - Hobart

Awards and Prizes
2007 - Fleurieu Art Prize Finalist
2019 - Mosman Art Prize Finalist

Selected Group Shows
Numerous group shows and art fairs.

Publications and Media
2001 - 'Artist Profile' Luxury Home design Magazine
2003 - Featured 'Australia's 50 Most Beautiful Homes' Publication
2004 - Featured 'Australian Women Weekly - Andrew Dado Profile' Publication
2005 - 'Artist Profile II' Contemporary Home Design Magazine
2006 - Home and Garden - Review
2006 - 9606: gemma lynch-memory 'selected works from the last decade' Publication
2006 - Australian Country Style Magazine - Artist ProfileText
2007 - Art in WA - Review
2007 - Northern Territory Times - 'emily:explorer' Feature
2007 - Courier Mail - 'emily:explorer' Feature
2007 - Yarra Valley Leader - 'emily:explorer' Feature
2007 - ABC Radio National Bush Telegraph Program - 'emily:explorer'
2007 - ABC Radio National Bush Telegraph Program - 'emily:explorer' Update (Live To Air)
2007 - Rural Press Association - Artist Profile
2007 - ABC 7:30 Report - 'emily:explorer' Feature with Murray McLaughlin
2007 - ABC Radio National Australia All Over Program - 'emily:explorer'
2007 - Adelaide Advertiser - 'emily:explorer'
2007 - Sydney Morning Herald - 'emily:explorer'
2007 - Australian Geographic Magazine Feature - 'emily:explorer'
2007 - Mosman Daily/North Shore Times - 'emily:explorer' Feature
2007 - ABC NSW Regional 'Sunday Mornings' - Artist Profile
2007 - Wings World Quest - Recognised by International Women Explorers Foundation as Contemporary Australasian explorer: Arts/Humanities
2008 - ABC Regional Radio WA - Interview
2008 - ABC Regional Radio VIC - Program 'Books That Changed Your Life'
2008 - West Australian Newspaper 'Sunday Life' Magazine - First Lady
2008 - Australian Art Review - 'emily:explorer' National Touring Exhibition
2009 - RM Williams 'Outback' Magazine - Artist Feature
2009 - Melbourne Living Magazine - Artist Profile
2009 - Luxury Home Design Magazine - 'Big Country' Exhibition Feature
2010 - 'Big Country' Collection Catalogue
2010 - Fearless Femmes - Outer Edge Magazine
2010 - ABC Radio National - 'She Who Explorers' Documentary
2011 - Country Collections Magazine - Feature
2012 - APC Magazine - Inspiring Women Feature
2012 - Harbour View Magazine - Artist Feature
2013 - Mosman Daily - Exhibition Review
2013 - News Corp - Lifestyle Feature
2015 - Tasmanian Sunday - Home and Harvest Editorial
2018 - Sydney Arts Guide - 'Maps of Meaning' Exhibition Review
2021 - Hobart Magazine - Artist Feature
2021 - Mercury Newspaper - TAG Gallery Opening

Numerous public and private collections in Australia, Europe and the USA